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Dalmation Baby Quilt in Progress


Yesterday I finished piecing the top for the Dalmatian baby quilt.

I ‘designed’ it myself from a one yard cut and 4 fat quarters. I wanted the paws to look like they were walking all over the quilt.

So far, 2 hours designing, fabric prep, and math + 1 1/2 hours cutting and more math + 4 hours piecing, pressing and trimming =7 1/2 hours.

I underestimated how much backing fabric to buy. I figured in the store to make a  3’X4′ standard crib size and my design turned out to be 4’X4′. I really need to remember the 25% rule(figure what you need then increase it by 25%). Maybe I should just double what I think I need to be extra safe?

It wouldn’t be such an issue except that the nearest fabric shop is a 40 minute drive away. I bought my batting online at Joann’s. Maybe my fabric will have to come that way now too. The fabric for this project was bought in Lancaster, PA during vacation.

Anyway, enough jabbering, right?!! Here are the pics..




Reusable sandwich wraps


I finally got completely fed up with washing out baggies and turned to the internet to find an alternative. Well I found some clever vinyl wraps on a ‘green shopping’ site but I didn’t like the vinyl idea. I also didn’t like the $7 each price tag.

After more browsing I came to this great tutorial:

Of course I didn’t have any PUL on hand so I browsed for an alternative material. Someone suggested ripstop nylon and I had a scrap of that so that’s what I used.



My Sewing Space!


Imagine, if you will, a 5 ft X 8 ft corner of an eat in kitchen. Now imagine that space were occupied by 2 ceiling high shelving units, stuffed full. Imagine about a dozen large plastic totes stacked around the shelving units. Imagine cardboard boxes and gift bags and storage bags all stacked around in complete and horrible disorder.
Congrats! You have imagined the sewing space I had last year. Of course it really wasn’t so much a sewing space as a craft supply storage area. And a this and that storage area. In fact, it was just a dump zone for whatever didn’t have a home.
I spent a year purging and organizing, working on the area whenever I could. As part of a challenge at Frugal Village I managed to finish the area yesterday! (Ok, it’s 99% finished. I decided last minute that the corkboard idea wouldn’t be as handy to me as a wall mounted bookshelf and eye hooks for a hang-able clipboard. So I need to purchase and install those items.)
So, without further eloquence…Drum-roll please……..


The red unit stores lesser used kitchen appliances and gadgets. I have very few cabinets. :/


I made these two bags yesterday. they’re 12in X 24in X 24in with drawstring tops. I’m storing the clothes I keep to recycle in these.


The white cabinets are my pantry cabinets. Like I said, not enough cabinets. 😛


I just love the view while I’m working in my space. It’s absolutely thrilling to have  everything always set up, easy to find and  coordinated! I haven’t had that since I had my own room at 14 years old.

I’m pretty happy right now. Can you tell? 😀