Monthly Archives: July 2008

A purse for my sister-in-law


Here’s my first finished project for my new blog. I bought the handles, appliques and fabric at Walmart, on clearance for $7. The magnetic snap was salvaged from a destroyed woven purse I got for free, I also used clear, heavy weight plastic for a stabilizer for the bottom of the bag. I salvaged it from an kitchen gadget box. This is actually more than I usually spend on a gift but I think it turned out well. Next time I make this purse from my homemade pattern, I’ll sew the loops into the top seam.


Movin’ In…


I’ve been keeping a sewing blog at another location and decided that my needs were changing so I moved! Hopefully I’ll get my old posts moved here eventually. But for now my ‘archives’ are at . It will become pretty apparant what I’m all about when you scan through my posts. I like to sew. I like to use vintage fabrics. I like to reconstruct clothes. I like to make my own patterns. I have alot of other interests but this blog will be about my finished projects. I’m glad you stopped by and I hope you come back again!