Monthly Archives: November 2008

Cloche Hat


I bought a cardigan sweater in a thrift store bag sale just because it had some great embroidery. I tried altering the sweater first(It was a medium and I’m an XS)and that didn’t work very well so I sent it back to my storage bins while waited for a good idea. I got one the other day when I saw this site: . It took about 6 hours of measuring, designing, cutting and hand sewing to get the finished, lined hat. I’m soooo happy with it!



And after:


I love comments!


Corduroy Pillows


I’ve been in the process of redecorating my living room for a year now. We replaced all the furniture, painted the walls gray and pulled up the pink carpeting. Our new couch is the color of  dried grass. I’m trying to only add colors to the room that would appear in nature in the color of a tree’s leaves. So any browns, golds, deep oranges, greens, etc… I had to reeeeeealy think this through because color combinations are so hard for me. But I digress. My mom gave me a really long and frumpy corduroy dress with buttons down the front. So I made pillow shams for the hideous modern print pillows that came with our couch. I was trying to suggest the grain and knots on a tree trunk with my design.


More Window Quilts


I found a great, quilted, orange King sized bedspread in the thrift store for $3 and hacked it up for 3 window quilts.  Bedspreads are a great time-saver if you can find them! Fleece blankets are another quick window ‘quilt’ option, btw. My windows are deep and the heating registers are below every window so I size my window quilts to fit right against the glass. I just hemmed these by hand all around(which I could have done on machine but it’s therapeutic for me to hand sew every once and awhile)with a casing at the top for a tension rod.


7 more window quilts left to make!

Pj pants


After watching my skinny 5 year old son run around outside on Monday holding the legs of his pants to keep them from falling down, I decided that I needed to move his wardrobe to the top of my sewing priorities. He had just 2 pair of pj pants so I started there. I cut down 2 pair for him from my hubby’s cast-off flannel pants and one from an old fleece pullover. Pants are so incredibly easy and fun to make! Here’s a picture of 2 because my little guy loves clothes and had to wear a pair right away. 🙂


And I have 2 more pair waiting to be sewn. I think he’s set now for pj pants! Guess I should move on to jeans.~