Star Trek Bag


I recently took a trip across the country and flew for the first time in 12+years. I’m not deterred by terrorists, I just happen to hate the whole confusing process in airports and the few flights I took as a teen were less than ideal experiences. :/ Anyway, to combat pre-flight anxiety I decided to do some sewing.


This bag is really just a prototype so don’t critique it too harshly. 😛

I went with blue and black to mimic the early uniforms in Star Trek Next Generation. If I worked for the Federation in a Sci-Fi future, I’d almost certainly be on the Science/Medical team. 😀

The badge is Voyager style with a rectangular, rather than oval base. Although, from the way the bag ripples and scrunches it appears more oval in the photo. It really is a rectangle!

I used a recycled pillowcase, zipper and straps for the bag. The blue canvas was new.


When I saw it was turning out fairly decent I decided to actually take it on my trip as my personal bag. So I added a few quick elastic pockets to a semi-lined interior.


So yeah, it’s cute and all but I will be ripping it apart fairly soon. I hate the zipper and unfinished interior.

It was totally worth spending the $2 on sale canvas and the 3 hours to whip it up though. I felt pretty special carrying it on my trip. 😉


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  1. I love this and this blog!!!! Just found you through a link to one of your other projects and I hope there will be more posts in the future. I am always trying to find ways to redo/reuse things, especially clothes. Your posts are so inspirational in this regard!

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