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Diamond Quilted Cradle Pad


Every baby in my family has used this heirloom cradle with their babies. When I had this cradle in my possession 5 years ago I had a pad for it that I’d found at a thrift store. But it’s been lost somewhere between the four family babies that have been born since. So I had to make a pad for it.

I pieced together my scraps of quilt batting and used a white cotton sheet for outer pieces. I machine quilted it with a regular foot(one of these days I’m going to buy a walking foot!)and then serged around the edges.

Right now it’s folded in half. I kept it a larger rectangle for now so that the pad could also be used as a tummy time quilt or another use but I may change my mind about that and cut it to fit exactly.  I could even unfold it and sew corner seams to make a built-in bumper. I just haven’t decided yet.


Window Quilts



I’ll be posting some things I’ve made over the last few years that used to be on my old blog. That blog is lost forever now so the pics are moving here!

 These are the window quilts I made for the kids’ room from old sheets, blankets and t-shirts:

The T-Shirt Quilt is Finished!


This took much longer than I anticipated. I was hoping to do all but the tying by machine but I found that basting the edges and sewing the binding had to be done by hand. There was just too much bunching in my machine.
So what should have been a one hour job turned into a five hour job. Plus a couple of hours to tie the quilt(it’s slow work when you have to repeatedly ask your kids to get off the quilt please!). Plus whatever hours I put into piecing and cutting blocks, maybe 10-12 hours?
So I’m estimating 20 hours total start to finish. And it only took me a few months, lol!
But I think it looks really nice and it’s super warm and cozy.

This quilt was made from about 15 old t-shirts(free), two white cotton sheets($1.60 thrift shop), 3 skiens of embroidery floss(free from another crafter), and a twin sized Warm and Natural batting($11). So total for this quilt was $12.60.

Dalmation Baby Quilt in Progress


Yesterday I finished piecing the top for the Dalmatian baby quilt.

I ‘designed’ it myself from a one yard cut and 4 fat quarters. I wanted the paws to look like they were walking all over the quilt.

So far, 2 hours designing, fabric prep, and math + 1 1/2 hours cutting and more math + 4 hours piecing, pressing and trimming =7 1/2 hours.

I underestimated how much backing fabric to buy. I figured in the store to make a  3’X4′ standard crib size and my design turned out to be 4’X4′. I really need to remember the 25% rule(figure what you need then increase it by 25%). Maybe I should just double what I think I need to be extra safe?

It wouldn’t be such an issue except that the nearest fabric shop is a 40 minute drive away. I bought my batting online at Joann’s. Maybe my fabric will have to come that way now too. The fabric for this project was bought in Lancaster, PA during vacation.

Anyway, enough jabbering, right?!! Here are the pics..



More Window Quilts


I found a great, quilted, orange King sized bedspread in the thrift store for $3 and hacked it up for 3 window quilts.  Bedspreads are a great time-saver if you can find them! Fleece blankets are another quick window ‘quilt’ option, btw. My windows are deep and the heating registers are below every window so I size my window quilts to fit right against the glass. I just hemmed these by hand all around(which I could have done on machine but it’s therapeutic for me to hand sew every once and awhile)with a casing at the top for a tension rod.


7 more window quilts left to make!

A Quick Baby Quilt


A couple of years ago I made a quick baby quilt for my newborn niece. I had a 3 year old and a 1 year old at the time so I made it a simple square of vintage fabric bordered in black striped fabric. My kids loved looking at black and white patterns when they were little so I thought it would be a nice tummy time quilt. I machine quilted it in concentric squares. Well my niece loved it so much that she wore huge holes in it. So when she and her family came visiting in August and I saw the condition of her lovey I decided to whip up a replacement. This was incredibly quick to make, less than 2 hours.

E's replacement quilt