Monthly Archives: December 2009

Terry Swiffer Covers


I made these quickly in two styles so I could decide which style worked best. I’m thinking that my original pattern, which I modified for #1 works best because it stays on the swiffer very well while I mop but it’s a pain to put on. The top pieces should be a stretch material, not cotton like in this sample, to make attaching the cover faster for mopping.

And #2. The pad shifts about a little bit while mopping.

I used an old towel for these.

I have a tutorial for a fleece Swiffer cover on this blog if anyone is looking for one. Fleece is fantastic for grabbing all those dust bunnies.

~Update: You can now find the tutorial for Terry covers here.~


Recycled denim slippers


Here’s a pair I made from a pair of stretch denim shorts, sweat pant shorts and scraps from a quilted coverlet that I used for window quilts.

And the finished slippers:

That weird looking splotch was just the camera’s imagination because it’s not on the slippers.
I’m wearing them now and they are warm and toasty and should hold up longer than simple fleece ones. Although I’ve got to say, I wore the fleece ones nearly constantly since I made them and I haven’t worn holes in them yet. I really expected that to happen within the first day or two.
Next up, mukluk/boot style slippers for the kids and hopefully tutorials for both styles.