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Diamond Quilted Cradle Pad


Every baby in my family has used this heirloom cradle with their babies. When I had this cradle in my possession 5 years ago I had a pad for it that I’d found at a thrift store. But it’s been lost somewhere between the four family babies that have been born since. So I had to make a pad for it.

I pieced together my scraps of quilt batting and used a white cotton sheet for outer pieces. I machine quilted it with a regular foot(one of these days I’m going to buy a walking foot!)and then serged around the edges.

Right now it’s folded in half. I kept it a larger rectangle for now so that the pad could also be used as a tummy time quilt or another use but I may change my mind about that and cut it to fit exactly.  I could even unfold it and sew corner seams to make a built-in bumper. I just haven’t decided yet.


The 6 Hour Dishcloth


Otherwise known as “My First Knitted Project”!
I used two YouTube videos to learn the stitches needed for the “Grandma’s Favorite” dishcloth that is so very popular online, about 1/2-2/3 a skein of Lily N’ Cream Stripes cotton yarn, #7 bamboo needles and lots of determination to make this my first project. Cost: less than $1.
Hopefully the next 11 I plan to make(and have bought yarn for)will work up quicker as I get better and faster.
The colors are not at all true in this pic. The darkest green is lime, with jadeite, celery and white.

Casting on, garter stitch and binding off


Yep, that’s what I learned during my lunch hour today. Someone recently gave me a knitted dishcloth and I loved it so much I began shopping around hoping to buy some.  Wow, they’re expensive! So I bumped up “Learn to knit” from the bottom of my to-do list for this year. Of course, I’ve tried learning to knit several times so far in the last 15 years but never seriously or with a project in mind. So off to YouTube I went and within 15 minutes I was knitting! I only had an old $.35  thrift store skein of acrylic yarn and a set of #3 needles someone had given me. But here’s what I got done during my lunch hour:

 Here’s a close-up:

And of course, I really liked it and I’m thinking I’ll get addicted!

 Lucky for me I’ve been sitting on a $25 gift card to Michael’s crafts. I know they sell knitting stuff so I’ll be picking up some larger needles(6 or 7) and cotton yarn this week to start making dishcloths.