Monthly Archives: October 2009

T-Shirt Braided Rug


I picked up a set of braided rug gadgets(something like these:  braidaid)

at the thrift store for $3. I figured I’d use them to make braided rugs out of wool or old sheets.
Well, I decided to try the gadgets out on a bunch of cotton blend, stretched out and stained tees that were beyond reconstructing.
5 tees and 2 partial tees came to this 18X24 inch rug:

The gadgets worked like they were supposed to, for the most part. All the mistakes you see in the above project are just me learning.

I thought this way a fun project, really easy, frugal and not all that time or attention consuming. I spent about 6 multi-tasking hours on it start(cutting up tees) to finish(photos).


Large Ottoman Cover


I started this ottoman cover at least a year ago and ran into problems while piecing it(stretching, fit problems) so I set it aside and procrastinated about finishing it.
It took two hours this morning to attach the last two sides and fit it to the ottoman.
I’m glad I only spent $12 on this fabric because it didn’t turn out as well as I’d planned.
Oh well, it’ll help protect my furniture from the kids and their spills.
Sorry if the color is off in this picture, my computer monitor had lost its’ red pigment so everything appears black and blue on our screen. So I can’t tell if the colors are true or not.

The T-Shirt Quilt is Finished!


This took much longer than I anticipated. I was hoping to do all but the tying by machine but I found that basting the edges and sewing the binding had to be done by hand. There was just too much bunching in my machine.
So what should have been a one hour job turned into a five hour job. Plus a couple of hours to tie the quilt(it’s slow work when you have to repeatedly ask your kids to get off the quilt please!). Plus whatever hours I put into piecing and cutting blocks, maybe 10-12 hours?
So I’m estimating 20 hours total start to finish. And it only took me a few months, lol!
But I think it looks really nice and it’s super warm and cozy.

This quilt was made from about 15 old t-shirts(free), two white cotton sheets($1.60 thrift shop), 3 skiens of embroidery floss(free from another crafter), and a twin sized Warm and Natural batting($11). So total for this quilt was $12.60.