Monthly Archives: April 2010

Singlet Tote Bags


These were UFO’s from two years ago. I started a stack of six of them after seeing a tutorial on Craftster but only finished one before they were put aside. I really don’t know why I did that because they are easy to make and nice looking bags!
These are made using a pattern drafted from a plastic grocery bag, are completely lined(with a french seam!), and with front pockets allowing the bags to be folded up for tidy storage between uses.
The tutorial can be found here:


White Swag Curtain with Fabric Flowers


I made this quick curtain for my retro kitchen out of two scraps as part of a scrap challenge. It’s a bit small lengthwise but I had to use the entire scrap of white I had to even get this much. The fabric flowers were made using the tutorial at Pink Paper Peppermints (–day-23.html ). I wasn’t a fan of the pattern. I used 2 inch squares instead of the recommended 3 inch squares since my red check scrap was so small. I was able to make 2 flowers with 6 petals but the rest are four. I just thought the hole in the center of the six petal flower was so big I would have needed a 1 inch diameter button to cover it. Oh well, they still turned out cute enough for my curtain!

~Those plants you see are my hubby’s projects. He’s trying to “save” them. *sigh*

Fabric Dahlia Pins


I had to make a couple of quick gifts for my sisters and the fabulous pattern at Sew Ritzy ( ) has been tempting me ever since I stumbled onto it two weeks ago. These were incredibly easy to make and a wonderful way to use up scrap material.

Black and Red Changing Pad Velcro Clutch


This changing pad was much quicker and I how I originally wanted to make both pads. Just outer, inner and batting sewn right sides together with an opening for turning. Turned, hand stitched closed and top stitched. Less than two hours for this project. 🙂 I did have to run some quilt lines to keep the batting from shifting in the wash which made it bunch a bit but I think it turned out rather nice.

Aqua and Burgundy Changing Pad, Case with Velcro


I chose an aqua cotton and a burgundy nylon for my first changing pad. They seemed to strong next to each other so I added a buffer of white binding. It added an hour to the project but at least it was more practice for me since my binding skills are not the best. It’s filled with Warm & Natural batting.
While looking up a tutorial to give me the measurements for this project(it’s been 4 years since I’ve had a changing pad around here to use for reference)I saw this neat idea at Small Fry ( ) for a velcro closure that would enable you to use the pad as a quick change case as well.
I think it turned out pretty well!

Black and White Diaper Bag


I made a diaper bag for a friend’s baby shower. I used Alexander Henry’s Yoko fabric for the outer and a lightweight embroidered polyester for the inner. It’s completely interfaced and sturdy. It’s also bigger than any diaper bag I’ve ever used or seen. Hopefully I’ll have time before next Saturday to make a changing pad to go with it but since I’m going to a double shower and need to make another one of these for the other guest of honor I just don’t know if I’ll get to it. I hope she likes it!

I did something radical with this project and used someone else’s tutorial instead of the fun of winging it. I have to stop trying to do everything myself and take advantage of other’s generosity when offered. So thank you Sew Much Ado!