Monthly Archives: October 2010

Diamond Quilted Cradle Pad


Every baby in my family has used this heirloom cradle with their babies. When I had this cradle in my possession 5 years ago I had a pad for it that I’d found at a thrift store. But it’s been lost somewhere between the four family babies that have been born since. So I had to make a pad for it.

I pieced together my scraps of quilt batting and used a white cotton sheet for outer pieces. I machine quilted it with a regular foot(one of these days I’m going to buy a walking foot!)and then serged around the edges.

Right now it’s folded in half. I kept it a larger rectangle for now so that the pad could also be used as a tummy time quilt or another use but I may change my mind about that and cut it to fit exactly.  I could even unfold it and sew corner seams to make a built-in bumper. I just haven’t decided yet.


Mason Jar Covers


I just love the country look of checked covers for mason jars! But the usual method of cutting circles with pinking sheers is just too disposable for me. I wanted covers that could be washed and last years. So I dug  around in my stash for this shirt:

and cut out circles the size of a luncheon plate. I also used scraps from an old yellow sheet for the lining circles. I was able to get 8 large mouth jar covers from this one shirt and I think they are so cute!

I plan to make a stack of these to put in my gift box. A jar of something homemade or a bargain candle covered in one of these would be a great hostess, thank you or last minute gift!

Blue Check Reusuable Drawstring Gift Bags


I made a group of various sized bags from a yard of scrap upholstery fabric. These will be used for our son’s weekly chore reward prizes. He’s in a pre-allowance stage and we want to teach him the connection between contributing and rewards before we move on to slacking and consequences, :D. So he fills up his Melissa and Doug Responsibility Chart with tokens and then exchanges them once a week for a prize bag. The prizes are simple, like a sheet of stickers, tiny bag of candy, thrift store book/puzzle or dollar store item/toy.

Eye Mask from Clothes


I decided to make a new sleeping eye mask for my hospital stay. It never seems to get very dark in hospitals does it? So I grabbed an old maternity shirt from my first pregnancy(for sentimental reasons), a pair of hubby’s old athletic shorts, some elastic and an internet pattern.

And voila!

Now I can rest in style. 😀