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Pretty Little Pincushions


Finally got around to making something cute to replace my 15 year old hand-me-down pincushions. I just made them as simple as possible, out of felt, fabric scraps and a couple of buttons.


They’re sized to fit into the compartments of my sewing box. Wish I had thought of that when designing my needlebook. Oh well. Note the ugly old pincushions outside the box. ****((shudder))****


You can’t see it well in this picture but look in the bobbin compartment. I read on another blog about putting baby sized ponytail holders around your bobbins to keep them from unwinding and tangling all over. I had a bagillion of the hairbands since my daughter can’t stand anything in her hair. It works great! (Thanks Jean!)




I’ve been sewing for 20 years and have never had one of these. My method for disposing of cut threads and little scraps of fabric is to throw them on the floor around my workspace and then wait until cleaning day to sweep them. No lie! Hopefully this useful object will keep my sewing area cleaner.


I used more of that thrift shop black duvet cover for this project. I stabilized it a bit with two cardboard inserts and added a magnetic snap so it can be out of the way when not in use.


More beautifying the sewing area!


I’ve spent a lot of time over the past year purging my craft and sewing supplies, organizing my tools and notions better, and dedicating a space to work in instead of hauling projects and my machines to and from the dining table.

I’ve succeeded in that part of my mission! I can actually work in the space and find everything I need. The next stage is ‘beautifying’. That’s what I’ve been focusing on this month.

On my list of things to do:

machine covers

shelving unit cover






covered/decorated cork-board

I’ve been sewing for about 20 years and if you can believe it, never made a pincushion. I use a hand-me-down tomato. I’ve also never used a needlebook or a threadcatcher but they are handy items to have!

I finished the needlebook and shelving unit cover earlier this month. You can see the unit cover in the pics below. It’s very….. red. And today I finished the machine covers!

Here’s a shot of what I was using: the cheapo cover that came with the serger and a t-shirt bag…


I used some of the most expensive fabric I’ve ever purchased($8 yd!!!). I wouldn’t have purchased it if I wasn’t using both a coupon and a gift card. But I digress. The lining and stabilizer layers were cut from a black duvet cover I got at the thrift store. The finished covers have a thick and stable shape.


They’re probably the wildest thing I have in my house. I’m really trying to challenge myself to live with prints and more intense colors.

Nifty Needlebook


I saw a cute organizer for sewing needles on Etsy and decided that it was something I really needed!
My needles have always been loose in a compartment in my sewing box. It is such a pain to find a needle the right size for a project.
Of course I wasn’t about to pay $18 for one when I had the materials to make one and the option of coordinating it to match my other sewing accessories.
Using felt, embroidery floss, eyelets and an eyelet punch, lace, vintage ribbon and rick-rack , salvaged ribbon bits, a purse ring, and some vintage buttons I made this:
Here’s ‘page 2’:
Page 3:
Page 4:
And page 5 with its’ thimble pocket:

I have got to start taking pictures outside. The red in real life is a true crayon red, not fluorescent as it seems to appear on screen.

I used a drinking glass for my circle shapes just in case you wanted to make one yourself. 🙂

The purse ring will allow me to quickly attach a pair of scissors to the needlebook or to attach the needlebook to a work-bag.

Now I just have to dig out all my needles and sort them!

Disc Golf Accessessories Part 2


I made these washcloth sized towels from pieces of an old bath towel in my stash. I wrecked 3 grommets trying to attach the eyelets. Good thing they were free.
I made mine with a scap of coordinating fabric and hubby’s is plain.
FYI: these are tied to a disc golf bag strap and used for drying sweaty hands or wet or muddy discs during play.

Disc Golf Accessessories Part 1


Now that hubby and I each have our bags and used them I’ve discovered that we need a few accessessories to enhance our game. Disc place markers, clip on towels and strap pads are needed.

Today I made the place markers.

I made hubby’s from an inner ‘beanbag’ that was filled with recycled plastic beads, an outer bag from leftover bandanna fabric and because hubby wanted a stiff feel to the marker I also inserted two circles I’d cut out of old drink mix canister lids. You can see those materials and the finished marker in this horrible lighted picture:


I made mine as just a simple bead filled ‘beanbag’.


They’re about 4 inches across, completely washable and not so awesome that I’m afraid of losing them on the course.

FYI, these markers are used to mark your throwing point from wherever your disc lands. You would place this marker immediately in front of your disc location and then pick up and bag your disc. This way if you throw another disc and walk off you’ve only left the marker behind and not a disc which I’ve done about 4 times now. Of course you’re supposed to pick up your marker but if you forget then you’ll just have lost a beanbag and not a $9 disc(or a $4 mini disc that you can buy for a marker).