Monthly Archives: February 2009

Hubcap Clock


I borrowed this idea from someone selling on Etsy. My dad provided me with this shiny old hubcap. My husband drilled the hole in the center and I added the clockworks that I purchased for 40% off at the craft store. I was originally going to paint the hands black but I have silver and gold in the room where this hangs so it co-ordinates well. im002950


Fleece Swiffer Covers Tutorial


Before I start the tutorial I just wanna do a quick list of the other sewing projects I’ve been working on this month. They’re too boring for pictures but I’m recycling lots of stuff from my stash.

I made 18 double layer flannel cleaning cloths that fit on a Swiffer or can be used as is for dustrags. The flannel came from the top portions of adult pj pants that I’d cut down for my son and from a body billow sized pillowcase.

I shortened several pairs of my son’s cargo pants into shorts for the summer since his waist size is unchanged.

And I recovered my 11 year old compact ironing board using an old pillowcase and some leftover cotton quilt batting.

Ok, on to the tutorial. It took me just 4 minutes to make each of these so it’s a really easy project!

First select a fleece top that you wish to recycle and prep it by cutting it up into pieces at the seams. I used a nubbly textured pullover style, men’s large. Cut ‘fabric’ into 10X10.5 inch squares. DO NOT cut on the bias.


Serge the 10 inch side edges. It’s ok to ‘shave’ the edge by 1/8 inch while serging.


Now fold the serged edges in to the center overlapping seams, wrong side out. Pin along center.


My photo editor isn’t working right now so imagine these two images rotated, ok? 🙂

Now serge along the open ends(the folded 10.5 inch sides). You can shave 1/8-1/4 of an inch off while you serge since you need to be certain that the back and front flaps are completely joined. I didn’t bother adjusting my differential feed so my seams curved a little. I was in a hurry and these covers are just for cleaning after all.


Remove pins, turn inside out and adorn your swiffer!


I got 10 covers from one top. I’ve tested them out and they work great for getting up all those dust bunnies and they clean well in a delicates bag in the washer. I air dried them so I can’t comment on holding up in the dryer. Enjoy!