Monthly Archives: September 2008

30’s Apron


I found this nice cotton top in a free pile at a yard sale. The print reminded me of 1930’s or 40’s fabric so I decided to turn it into a cleaning apron. Before(sorry for the rotten lighting):

And after chopping out the back and turn that piece into 3 pockets:

Here’s the back with a velcro closure at the neck:


Cloth Diapers


I still have tons of t-shirts to use up so I decided to start a new diaper stash by making some triple layer, newborn, 12X15 inch diapers. I used some other nice scraps to make 8X8 inch wipes. There are several online patterns to make these: and (it’s under ‘service projects’).

A Quick Baby Quilt


A couple of years ago I made a quick baby quilt for my newborn niece. I had a 3 year old and a 1 year old at the time so I made it a simple square of vintage fabric bordered in black striped fabric. My kids loved looking at black and white patterns when they were little so I thought it would be a nice tummy time quilt. I machine quilted it in concentric squares. Well my niece loved it so much that she wore huge holes in it. So when she and her family came visiting in August and I saw the condition of her lovey I decided to whip up a replacement. This was incredibly quick to make, less than 2 hours.

E's replacement quilt