Monthly Archives: August 2010

Newborn Baby Bloomers from T-Shirts


Our baby is a surprise and will be born in a very warm month so I made the easiest and coolest going home outfits I could think of. The baby will come home in a side snap t-shirt and bloomers.

I used a newborn diaper cover to draft my pattern and used two super soft tees for the fabric.

The boy’s has just a simple blue check bow.

The girl’s is my first time trying a ruffle bottom. So cute!


Embroidered Cell Phone Case from a Baby Shirt


I picked up a wild colored baby shirt for $.10 at a yard sale last year just for the embroidery. The shirt was western style and probably from the 70’s. I used the front embroidery for the case. I still have the awesome back piece to use in another project. It’s a big peacock!

I use a scrap of sweater for the cushioning and lined it with the sleeve fabric. I think it looks pretty smashing with my new phone. 🙂

Yellow and Gray Plaid Diaper Bag from a Dress


I got really lucky with this one. I wanted a 12 inch wide by 10 inch high by 6 inch deep diaper bag. I wanted a front pocket, side pockets and two interior pockets. This romper provided just enough material with only the tiniest remaining scraps.

I utilized the two pockets on either side of the dress and salvaged the invisible side zipper for the top of my bag. I added a yellow sheet for the lining, a magnetic snap for the front pocket and a couple of white rings to add some oomph to the strap. I like rings for clipping my keys , a wristlet or cell phone case to. 😉

Hanging up(long straps!):

And on my sewing table(I stuffed the bag with batting to show the shape):