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Terry Swiffer Covers Tutorial


These covers are a variation of the Fleece Swiffer Covers I posted in my tutorials section.
You will still cut your main terry piece 10 X 10.5 inches. You will also cut 2 pieces of terry 4.5 X 10 inches for an interior soaker pad.

I used a ratty old cotton terry bathrobe to make these.

Now serge along the long sides of your main piece.
The put your two soaker pieces together, fuzzy side out, and serge along all the edges to form the pad.

Now place your soaker pad centered on the wrong side(non-fuzzy) of your main piece and stitch along the length of the soaker edges to attach it to the main piece.

Now fold the serged edges of your main piece(fuzzy side in)to the center leaving a 1/2 inch gap. In the fleece tutorial you’re instructed to slightly overlap the edges but that’s because fleece has some stretch. The terry needs some give so leave a gap!
Now serge along the edges.

Turn inside out and adorn your swiffer!


Cleaning Rags from Athletic Socks Tutorial


The concept of this is really easy and a great way to recycle all those holey athletic socks your guys seem to go through.
First you need 4 holey socks. Cut off the heel and toe parts.

Then cut down the tubes where the holes are, trimming to get squares/rectangles.

You may end up with one piece that is much smaller than the others.
If you only have the four socks, trim down one of your other pieces to the same size as the smaller piece. If you have plenty of socks to work with, cut another to get a similar sized piece.

So I only had the 4 socks so I ended up with two small pieces and two medium pieces. Place 2 different sized pieces fuzzy side together and sew or serge along one side.

Repeat for other pieces. Then place them both fuzzy side together and sew or serge along the outer edge leaving a 2 inch gap for turning.

Turn and stitch closed and topstitch all around.

Now that you see the easy process I can assert that these take a mere 4 minutes to make start to finish.
Now you may ask why to do this?
#1. I used to just use the socks as is for cleaning but my hubby kept trying to put the rag socks back with his good socks.
#2. These are exceptionally soft and absorbent rags. These are as thirsty as two wash cloths for cleaning up spills.
#3. They’re free.
#4. They last longer as rags than they do as socks. I have some of these going on 4 years of use in my cleaning basket. I can’t even begin to count how many paper towels I must have saved by having these.
#5. Since these are free I feel no guilt throwing them out after a particularly yucky mess. I try to grab the oldest rag in the stack for those messes.

Sewn Wedding Card


I like to make gift tags and cards using the invite people send to me. I figure they must have liked it so it’d be a neat way to catch their eye in lieu of an expensive Hallmark card.

Here’s a card and envelope I made recently for a wedding. It’s very simple but I think it turned out quite elegant. 😀

Retro Baby Quilt



I’ll be posting some things I’ve made over the last few years that used to be on my old blog. That blog is lost forever now so the pics are moving here!

 I actually made two of these quilts for my niece. She wore out the first one! I used vintage floral fabric and a black stripe border and machine quilted it. I don’t have a walking foot for my machine so the quilting turned out a bit bunchy and crooked but my niece didn’t mind one bit!

Training Undies



I’ll be posting some things I’ve made over the last few years that used to be on my old blog. That blog is lost forever now so the pics are moving here!

 A few years ago I experimented with different styles of training underwear for my daughter. Most of them were a bit too small or too tight or too loose around the legs for her but the striped one was a winner. She continued to wear it even after training. 🙂 These were made from old t-shirts with a patch of terry inside to catch leaks: