Monthly Archives: June 2009



I had less than 1 hour to make a present for a baby shower on Saturday so I decided to customize a pack of onesies from my gift stash with iron on transfers.

I downloaded some simple black and white pictures, tinted them Picasa, printed and ironed them on.

I also added fabric glitter paint to the starbursts onesie for extra oomph.

I think they turned out pretty cute!



Skirt to Apron


I picked up this short ruffle skirt at a yard sale. I was thinking it would make a cute dress for my daughter.
But I decided yesterday that I wanted it for myself. So it became a frilly hostess apron!
The sash was made from the bottom portion of a pair of cut-offs. I’ll be posting that project next week.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

What I made from a denim romper


I had this pretty horrible denim romper in my stash.


I needed a medium sized bag to use as a ‘poolside tote’ for my upcoming vacation.

So I sketched a basic boat shape on brown paper and cut it down the center. Each leg gave me two pieces.

I cut a 4 inch wide strip just above the waist to use for the gusset.

I cut around the two pockets and sewed then together. I added a strip of velcro to keep my wallet’s center pocket closed and denim cord to attach the wallet to the bag(I’m dorky that way).

I used another pair of cotton twill shorts(lightweight) for the lining.

At this point I was out of denim and needed a strap so I cut up a denim skirt.

The two rings in the strap were also salvaged from yard sale shorts.

The bag closes with a magnetic snap.

I had to replace a sewing needle during this project so that, the cost of velcro, cost of the clearanced magnetic snap and yard sale clothes made this bag cost $.78 .

Good deal. What do you think?