Monthly Archives: January 2011

Zippered pencil case


Here’s a quick re-do using the flap off of a beat-up, vinyl diaper bag.

I cut the flap edge down a bit, folded it over and sewed it in place, then used an ordinary hole punch to make the holes. This was a 5 minute project! 😀


Fleece baby swaddle blanket


My daughter had grown out of the small Kiddopotomus SwaddleMe wrap so I decided to make her a larger one. I purchased a fleece throw blanket from Goodwill for $1.50 and drafted a pattern from the small wrap. I then enlarged my pattern by an inch all around.

Then I cut the pieces from the fleece blanket, darted, added the grippy patches(found that scraps from a brown sweater seemed to work best), made and basted on the hook velcro tabs, bound the top edges and then attached the two main pieces together. I’m bummed that I didn’t have anything blue that would grip the hook tape as well as this sweater. It looks a little ghetto. But it does work!

And here it is next to the small one I copied.

Sweater & Leather Baby Boots


I made these elastic backed boots for a friend. Hopefully they stay on better that the prototype pair I made for my baby. I didn’t put elastic in those and she kicks them right off.
Anyway, I made these out of an old leather dress and sweater. I made a pattern by examining footie pj’s and copying the contoured pieces as best as I could.