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Star Trek Bag


I recently took a trip across the country and flew for the first time in 12+years. I’m not deterred by terrorists, I just happen to hate the whole confusing process in airports and the few flights I took as a teen were less than ideal experiences. :/ Anyway, to combat pre-flight anxiety I decided to do some sewing.


This bag is really just a prototype so don’t critique it too harshly. 😛

I went with blue and black to mimic the early uniforms in Star Trek Next Generation. If I worked for the Federation in a Sci-Fi future, I’d almost certainly be on the Science/Medical team. 😀

The badge is Voyager style with a rectangular, rather than oval base. Although, from the way the bag ripples and scrunches it appears more oval in the photo. It really is a rectangle!

I used a recycled pillowcase, zipper and straps for the bag. The blue canvas was new.


When I saw it was turning out fairly decent I decided to actually take it on my trip as my personal bag. So I added a few quick elastic pockets to a semi-lined interior.


So yeah, it’s cute and all but I will be ripping it apart fairly soon. I hate the zipper and unfinished interior.

It was totally worth spending the $2 on sale canvas and the 3 hours to whip it up though. I felt pretty special carrying it on my trip. 😉


Mini Disc Golf Bag for a Baby


Yes, you read that right!


My hubby gave an entire 48 hours to “whip up” something for a friend’s baby shower this week. Don’t you just love men? Well I was about to tell him to get a gift card because I was swamped when I had this super cute idea. The friend is a disc golf buddy of my husband’s and is having his first baby next month. What better gift than to start him early in the sport? 😛

I’ve made this style bag 4 times now(including this one) so I can practically make it in my sleep and without bothering to make a pattern. An hour of sewing and it was done.

Hubby contributed three mini discs(hubby plays standard disc golf but there are mini disc courses as well)to complete the gift. It was so cute when finished that I wanted to keep it!

I may make another one just to use as a mini, stealth purse. It’d be super easy to wear this under a coat. 😉


Gift bag or purse from a sweater


This is an easy project for a damaged, outdated or too small sweater. Just turn it inside out and sew a straight line under the arms. Cut above it and zig-zag the edge for more durability. Add straps and you’re done! I used an old kid’s belt for my straps.

Singlet Tote Bags


These were UFO’s from two years ago. I started a stack of six of them after seeing a tutorial on Craftster but only finished one before they were put aside. I really don’t know why I did that because they are easy to make and nice looking bags!
These are made using a pattern drafted from a plastic grocery bag, are completely lined(with a french seam!), and with front pockets allowing the bags to be folded up for tidy storage between uses.
The tutorial can be found here: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=177482.0

Satin Tote Bag with Pintucks


I made two of these as conference bags. My mom and I went to a ladies’ weekend and there’s always a lot of carrying things to and from the conference rooms so I like to make a new bag each time we go. It’s been years since I’ve been to one so it was fun to make them again!
These are completely lined and about the size of an average office folder. I used a pair of vintage shank buttons as a finishing touch.