Girly Initial Bolster Pillow


One of my little nieces had a birthday earlier this month, her 5th. She’s just about to move into a new house complete with her own super pink bedroom. Renovations are almost complete. I thought she’d love something special for her new room. I found the sweetest little pillow on Etsy but I knew I could make something similar for much less than the $25 price.

Here’s what I came up with:

The pillow is 6X14 inches. I wanted it to be washable so there is an inner removable pillow. My 6 year old helped me make that. The pillow can be removed from the back . I made the back with a sham opening.

I know you’re supposed to completely hide the webbing of the ball fringe in the seam but I preferred the lacy look the webbing gave. After I looked at the completed pillow I regretted that I hadn’t done it the “right” way though. Oh well, I gave it to her as is but will remember to completely hide the webbing next time I work with ball fringe despite what that little impulseΒ  tells me.

This was about a 2.5 hour project. I spent an hour just on the applique. But the savings was worth it. This project came in at under $2 in materials. Of course, I just used stuff in my stash but the value would have been around $2. πŸ™‚


Sweatshirt slippers


I needed a new pair of slippers super fast so I decided not to dig out my Mary Jane slipper pattern but instead, use a simpler, elastic style. Prudent Baby has some great directions on how to put your slippers together.

I used an old sweatshirt for mine and used plain sweatshirt for all the pieces, even the “batting”.Β  The bottoms will probably wear out pretty fast because of that but I wanted something especially snuggly. πŸ˜‰

These can be made for just the cost of your thread and two pieces of elastic(about $.15)as well as about 30 minutes of time.


A sweet toddler top


I made this top for my one year old from a pattern and tutorial posted at Prudent Baby.Β  Despite following all the sizing to print directions, my top came out very tight for a 12-18 month sizing. So she only wore it once to a party. At least it was made from a $.10 yard sale pillowcase. πŸ˜‰ And it was super fast and easy to make!

Finished Diapers


Just some shots of the finished diapers for my sister’s baby. πŸ˜‰

I kinda forgot to photograph some of the large ones but they were just plain blues and browns. I still owe her the covers and I’ll be working on those today.Β  πŸ™‚

And more diapers


You are so sick of posts about diapers right? I have more interesting projects coming up. Right now I’m dealing with a need issue as my toddler has outgrown all her medium diapers and has only 12 large diapers. That’s too few for my liking. So I again copied Motherease and made a paper pattern of the One-Size style diaper.

I had a $2 cut of stretch terry from the thrift store that yielded 3 diapers and overnight soakers . I used a pink t-shirt for the binding and they turned out not too horrible. πŸ˜€

Just wanna say again how much I prefer snaps over velcro. When babies are small, the velcro is fine. As they get to be toddlers they like to undo the velcro just for fun. It drives me crazy. But these will be overnight diapers so we shouldn’t have that issue since she’ll be sleeping in them.

Mini Disc Golf Bag for a Baby


Yes, you read that right!


My hubby gave an entire 48 hours to “whip up” something for a friend’s baby shower this week. Don’t you just love men? Well I was about to tell him to get a gift card because I was swamped when I had this super cute idea. The friend is a disc golf buddy of my husband’s and is having his first baby next month. What better gift than to start him early in the sport? πŸ˜›

I’ve made this style bag 4 times now(including this one) so I can practically make it in my sleep and without bothering to make a pattern. An hour of sewing and it was done.

Hubby contributed three mini discs(hubby plays standard disc golf but there are mini disc courses as well)to complete the gift. It was so cute when finished that I wanted to keep it!

I may make another one just to use as a mini, stealth purse. It’d be super easy to wear this under a coat. πŸ˜‰


100 t-shirts into cloth diapers


How’s that for a title? I was going to call this “The super big project I’ve been working on” but it just wasn’t as catchy. πŸ˜‰

My sister is having her first baby and informed me that she wanted to use cloth diapers. Yay! So I promised to make them for her as the baby’s gift.

Well, I decided to make 18 smalls(7-11lbs), 18 mediums(10-22lbs), 4 covers, and 36 cloth wipes. Each diaper required 3 cotton t-shirts. I needed 9 t-shirts for the wipes. So that’s over 100 tees needed. Luckily I know a church thrift that sells them for $.10-15 each. It’s a significant investment of time finding the tees, since there are just piles of clothes to go through, but I enjoy treasure hunting. πŸ˜€

So the last few weeks I’ve cutting all the pieces needed for this project. Each diaper has 4 pieces. The soakers for each diaper need 8 pieces. Wipes are 2 pieces each. All in all I needed about 500 pieces cut. They’re almostΒ  all cut out now(just a dozen inserts left) and I’ve have started sewing.

I need to finish by Thanksgiving.

Work in progress: