Girly Initial Bolster Pillow


One of my little nieces had a birthday earlier this month, her 5th. She’s just about to move into a new house complete with her own super pink bedroom. Renovations are almost complete. I thought she’d love something special for her new room. I found the sweetest little pillow on Etsy but I knew I could make something similar for much less than the $25 price.

Here’s what I came up with:

The pillow is 6X14 inches. I wanted it to be washable so there is an inner removable pillow. My 6 year old helped me make that. The pillow can be removed from the back . I made the back with a sham opening.

I know you’re supposed to completely hide the webbing of the ball fringe in the seam but I preferred the lacy look the webbing gave. After I looked at the completed pillow I regretted that I hadn’t done it the “right” way though. Oh well, I gave it to her as is but will remember to completely hide the webbing next time I work with ball fringe despite what that little impulse  tells me.

This was about a 2.5 hour project. I spent an hour just on the applique. But the savings was worth it. This project came in at under $2 in materials. Of course, I just used stuff in my stash but the value would have been around $2. 🙂


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  1. It looks great! Would you mind telling me what you stuffed the inner pillow with and did you applique the letter or use iron-on fusing? Thanks!

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