Mini Disc Golf Bag for a Baby


Yes, you read that right!


My hubby gave an entire 48 hours to “whip up” something for a friend’s baby shower this week. Don’t you just love men? Well I was about to tell him to get a gift card because I was swamped when I had this super cute idea. The friend is a disc golf buddy of my husband’s and is having his first baby next month. What better gift than to start him early in the sport? 😛

I’ve made this style bag 4 times now(including this one) so I can practically make it in my sleep and without bothering to make a pattern. An hour of sewing and it was done.

Hubby contributed three mini discs(hubby plays standard disc golf but there are mini disc courses as well)to complete the gift. It was so cute when finished that I wanted to keep it!

I may make another one just to use as a mini, stealth purse. It’d be super easy to wear this under a coat. 😉



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  1. This is AWESOME!! My hubby and I also play disc golf and have for almost twenty years! When I spotted the link, I had to click it simply because you don’t usually see the words ‘disc’ and ‘golf’ on a sewing site.
    Well done, Kudos to you =)

  2. This is awesome. I’m a avid disc golfer with a baby on they way and would love this for him just to wear around the course and feel cool when I take him/her out on the course. You making any for selling reasons?

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