Custom covers for RV trailer cushions


This is a big project I’ve been working on lately. I ordered large foam mattresses(cut them down to size ourselves saving $150 cutting fee) and13 yards of treated polyester canvas from an online fabric distributor for $5 yd. The four bottom cushions are done(these form a bed when a board is laid down the center of the couches)and look great!
I wasn’t having too much fun making these. I have no space to cut large pieces for a large project out of large bolts of fabric. I had to work mostly on the floor(the only 6X8 foot floor space free in my tiny house) and constantly shift the fabric to have cutting room. Then, being a synthetic fabric, it wanted to run away from me while I was sewing. My feed dog does not grab synthetics well at all. I was sure that the covers would be hopelessly wonky.
My mother cut the foam with her electric knife(we used a chalk line to make our cut lines). She has a similar space problem so trying to angle King sized foam mattresses in such a way to make straight cuts was rather difficult. A few oopsies were made. She thought the mistakes would be obvious in the finished cushions.
We were both wrong. It just goes to show you how unperfect you be during the crafting process and still not have things turn out terrible. The main thing is to keep trying and don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s supposed to be fun!

This is just one side but the other side looks the same. The top mattress is cut down to size and the fabric is cut out to make the cover. That should be ready by Friday.
All in all I’ve spent almost 12 sewing hours on this large project. That doesn’t sound like much but when fitting it between everything else I have to do it seemed like a lot.

All that work was worth it though. I don’t know anywhere to get 4 custom, covered seat cushions and a custom covered full mattress for only $200.

I’ll be glad when this project is over and I can move on to making t-shirt diapers for my sister’s baby. I already have 50 t-shirts purchased from yard sales washed and ready to go! I’ll be making at least 4 dozen of those for her and those are very fun to make.


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  1. Impressive – I´m sure that despite being time consuming, it must have been very satisfying for you looking at the end results (and thinking of the money you saved)! I recently recovered 6 dining room chairs and it seemed to take forever, but I´m so glad I tackled them now.

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