10 minute sweatshirt garden gloves * Tutorial *


Recycle your old Winter sweatshirts into useful Spring gardening gloves. It’s super fast and easy, no pattern required!

First grab an old sweatshirt.

Turn it inside out and insert your hand into a sleeve. Stretch out your fingers and pin at the deepest and highest points of your hand shape. You can also use the bottom edge of your sweatshirt to make your gloves. I plan to make 3 pairs from one small sweatshirt. I just started with the sleeves.

Take out your hand and mark your glove shape with a marker/pen using your pins as guides.

Sew along your pattern line.


On to glove #2. I used my already made glove to make a copy by tracing around my trimmed seams and sewing a bit inside  my line. You can do the pin & marker thing again if you want to though.


Turn the gloves right side out and marvel at your awesome free gloves!

These really took only 10 minutes and that included stopping to take pictures. Can’t wait to try them out this weekend in the garden.

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  1. What a great and EASY idea!! Thank you! Now I’ll start looking for printed sweatshirts from thrifting! Thank you for the tip!!! Love it!

  2. Just seen this via allfreesewing. This is so cool. I have very long fingers and have a hard time finding gloves that fit right. I am going to have to make these!! Thanks

  3. Really a clever idea, completely new to me. I like the idea of them being soft and stretchy. Great way to use up old kids’ sweatshirts. Could even have a little fun decorating them with some fabric paint, since I don’t have your pretty flower design sweatshirt.

    • How about rubber shelf liner for rubberized gloves? It’s pretty cheap. I happen to have half a roll on hand myself. You could overlay the exterior of your inner glove piece with a cut of shelf liner before assembling the front/back pieces of the glove. Just tack it down well to your anchor fabric so it doesn’t bubble and shift when you scrunch it. Let me know if you try it and how it works!

    • you can also go to Menards/Lowes, etc. and get a can of the ‘rubber’ that can be used to dip tools in and apply to the underside/hand of the glove and still have a pretty pattern on the top of the glove…

      • Great idea especially since I promised all the grandchildren their own gardening gloves.

    • Check your fabric stash or fabric source for diaper cover cloth, water proof table cloth/fabric backed (think it used to be called oil cloth), some wallpaper might work as I have used that for some upolstory projects. I have used medium weight rubber gloves purchased from the local Asian Market as a liner for cloth an cloth with the underside rubberized an then give my hands a really good moisture treatment. To be honest I have been known to use the Dollar Tree food service or hospital gloves as my glove liner when for washing dishes an doing a hand moisturizing treatment for years, your body heat an the hot water intensifies the treatment . This is my first time doing this kind of replying, hope I haven’t bored U’ll, Happy Creating an Repurposing, Sug

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  5. WOW!! I am 54 yrs old have been sewing All my life and cant believe how you gals nowadays are so smart and thrifty!! My grandma taught me to sew “BY THE BOOK” so i have a hard time doing things by “winging it” I’m so glad you gals have all these blogs to go to! thanks again

  6. Love this idea. When I make them, I will sew a “U” at the base of the fingers rather than a “V”–it will make them easier to turn and more comfortable to wear. Of course, the “U” will have to be clipped a little. Thanks for this idea.

  7. I am just blown away by your brain power to make something out of a throw away item. You are a person after my own heart!! I antaginize over how to do gloves, and this is just way too easy. I will have to share this with all my sewing buddies. We have a t-shirt sale at a local factory and they go for a low price of fifty cents per new t-shirt or sweat shirt. This would be just too cool for a present to give to my gardening buddies. You comtinue to do great things.

  8. This is perfect for me as I’m a ‘southpaw’ and always wearing out my left glove. Since these are not made for a particular hand, I can just switch gloves from one hand to the other so they wear more evenly. I’ll make a couple extras to have on hand & for my gardening friends.

    • Believe me, I tried that first just to see what would happen. The finished gloves created that way may keep hands warm but they won’t have the ease needed to manipulate objects while wearing them, even something so incredibly simple as making a fist. Try it, you’ll see what I mean. 😉

  9. This is a great idea. I love it. I think I will get the rubber stuff from Lowes, take a pencil and dot it on for grip bulling the big weeds. Great job.

  10. Hello! I’m a writer for Crafting a Green World and would love to feature this project in a round-up I’m working on with 10 last minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day. If you would be interested in me featuring your project, all I need is permission to use one of the photos from this post. We use 1 photo from your project and have a short description with a link back to your site. Our goal is to encourage our readers to check out your tutorial. Let me know if this is something that interests you. I would like to put up this post on Thursday or Friday of this week.

    Thank you!
    -Bonnie @ Crafting a Green World

    **Please email me back at bonnie[dot]getchell[at]gmail[dot]com

  11. Hopped on over from All Free Sewing. AWESOME IDEA! I would also go as far as hemming the sleeves on the sweatshirt- now 3/4 length and wear it for gardening. If it is already worn and stained, a few more stains and a bit of dirt shouldn’t hurt it much and it would keep your good clothes clean. Win-Win!

  12. This is THE best idea I’ve seen for using sweatshirts. I have to buy XL sweatshirts to get room for my bustline, the arms are always way too long and I cut them off. Since I like 3/4 length sleeves anyway, the cut off part will make gloves. Woo hoo! you are a genius!

  13. I love this! I just saw it on allfreesewing.com….going to do this right now! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

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  15. Amazing! This is such a brilliant idea – i’ll definitely have a go at making some of these for my mum for her birthday or Christmas (depending how long it takes me to find a suitable sweater :p) Thanks for sharing this i love it! xx

  16. I’m going to try to make these for my son. Everytime I wear garden or work gloves, he wants some, but he is 2 1/2, so I can’t really find garden gloves in his size. This might work, though trying to get him to hold his hand still enough while I pin will be tricky.

  17. That is a great idea. I was thinking that would be great to make longer gloves to come up higher on my arms for when weeding the flower beds. I always get all scratched up .

    • I like your idea of making them longer too. I’m always scratched when I get through weeding and I don’t remember getting stuck….lol The longer gloves should solve that problem! Thanks!

  18. I’m thinking that I will use left over plastic gloves from when I color my hair on the inside. Just slip them on together and It will keep my hands dry when the gloves get damp! Thanks for sharing this tip. It’s a great idea!

  19. Great idea can’t wait to try it. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis in my hands so bought gloves do not fit the shape of my fingers right any more and are very uncomfortable to try to wear. Making these will allow them to fit as they will be the shape of my hand. Thank you very much!!! I love creative sewing but I have not thought of this idea.

  20. This is a wonderful idea..I plan on making several pairs and donating to the bank ..that collects coats for winter..for the needy..thanks so much for SHARING…God will surely Bless You for Sharing!

  21. Fantastic!!! I always have difficulty finding gloves to fit my very long fingers…that are reasonably ;priced!! Thank you!!!

  22. That is amazing and wonderful. I love this kind of stuff and wish I had more ideas! Thank you so much for it!!!

  23. This is GREAT!!! I have a mild allergic reaction to some leaves when gardening, so Iike to cover my arms. It’s too hot for long sleeves in the summertime, and I can’t get the gardening sleeves I made to stop slipping down my arms. I’m going to make elbow-length gloves from this pattern idea, by sliding the sweatshirt sleeve up past my elbow! Marvelous!!!

    • Rez… I was thinking about your post, and you could also make them out of long sleeve t-shirts rather than sweatshirts…. would be a little cooler if the weather is hot! 🙂

  24. for the rubber glove user/lover, use an old shower curtain or your child’s outgrown rain gear to make new gloves that will protect against those pesky, painful thorns.

  25. That is really cool! These gloves are so easy to make!! I go thru several pair every summer! Now I can make one for every month of the summer without wearing them out & such easy gifts too!

  26. oh my gosh, what a GREAT idea! I can’t believe how many sleeves I have cut off sweatshirts for being too short and throwing them away! Never again! Thanks so much for the fabulous use for (previously) useless sleeves!

  27. I have had this idea using cut off sweatshirt sleeves to take advantage of the ready made elastic sleeves…now I know how! Thank you!

    Then it hit me….if I had 2 more sleeves, I could make a pair of “house socks” using the same concept, taking advantage of the elastic sleeves to keep the socks up on my ankles. I’d simply need to trace my foot perimeter, sew it, trim it, and reverse it…socks!

    BTW..55 yo guy here, former football player and now avid DIYer!

  28. I would use the cutoff sweatshirt as my top as I work in the garden. You could look cute and feel practical as well. Today lots of people wear cut down sweatshirts.

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