Denim Bolster Pillow


This was a bigger project than I’d originally intended but I love the way it turned out. I got to try making and inserting piping again and it’s the best I’ve ever done at it. I still need a lot more practice but I’m happy with the improvement.

Finished size is 5X10X30 inches. The six strips of denim are from jeans, cut 6X31 inches. The ends are cut 6X11 inches. It’s a nice standard size for adult jean legs. The filling in the piping is shoelaces salvaged from my husband’s old work boots. The ties on the end corners(both ends/sides!) were salvaged from gift bags. The idea behind that was that when I have more of these completed they could be tied together for a floor mattress or double thick bolster. I used two old bed pillows for the stuffing.

I have more pieces cut out to make a second bolster but I need more pillows to recycle. And more shoelaces for piping!

So all this cost to make was 1/6th a yard of the strawberry fabric for piping and replacing my machine needle. Sewing denim really gets standard needles dull in a hurry. I have denim needles but the standard was on its last legs anyway so I went with it.


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