Terry Swiffer Covers Tutorial


These covers are a variation of the Fleece Swiffer Covers I posted in my tutorials section.
You will still cut your main terry piece 10 X 10.5 inches. You will also cut 2 pieces of terry 4.5 X 10 inches for an interior soaker pad.

I used a ratty old cotton terry bathrobe to make these.

Now serge along the long sides of your main piece.
The put your two soaker pieces together, fuzzy side out, and serge along all the edges to form the pad.

Now place your soaker pad centered on the wrong side(non-fuzzy) of your main piece and stitch along the length of the soaker edges to attach it to the main piece.

Now fold the serged edges of your main piece(fuzzy side in)to the center leaving a 1/2 inch gap. In the fleece tutorial you’re instructed to slightly overlap the edges but that’s because fleece has some stretch. The terry needs some give so leave a gap!
Now serge along the edges.

Turn inside out and adorn your swiffer!


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