Maternity long sleeve to tank


Sorry for the long absence everyone. Things have been really busy! I’m going to set up a bunch of “Flashback” posts of projects that used to be posted on my old blog before it was lost in space so you’ll have something to look at between my new posts.

I have a bunch of maternity clothes to alter and baby stuff to make so those will be new posts coming up in the next few months.

I’m one week away from starting the third trimester and the baby is healthy and active! But I am very unprepared for his/her arrival as f right now so I’d better get very busy at my sewing table!

Here’s a before picture of the tees I’m altering(bought them at Goodwill for $1.50 each):

I finished one yesterday. I tried on the shirt, marked the cut lines with chalk, removed the shirt and cut off the sleeves on my lines. I used the sleeves to make binding strips for the openings and hand sewed them with an invisible stitch. I used the serger to take in the sides a bit since it was a small top and I’m even smaller than that. It turned out better than I expected really for how fast I did it. 😀


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