Casting on, garter stitch and binding off


Yep, that’s what I learned during my lunch hour today. Someone recently gave me a knitted dishcloth and I loved it so much I began shopping around hoping to buy some.  Wow, they’re expensive! So I bumped up “Learn to knit” from the bottom of my to-do list for this year. Of course, I’ve tried learning to knit several times so far in the last 15 years but never seriously or with a project in mind. So off to YouTube I went and within 15 minutes I was knitting! I only had an old $.35  thrift store skein of acrylic yarn and a set of #3 needles someone had given me. But here’s what I got done during my lunch hour:

 Here’s a close-up:

And of course, I really liked it and I’m thinking I’ll get addicted!

 Lucky for me I’ve been sitting on a $25 gift card to Michael’s crafts. I know they sell knitting stuff so I’ll be picking up some larger needles(6 or 7) and cotton yarn this week to start making dishcloths.


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  1. Ok, now you HAVE to join ravelry ( Its a knitting site and it has ssoooo many free patterns! I LOVE to knit. I’m still quite the novice, but its so much fun!

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