More Vintage Buttons!


I never seem to find any buttons at thrift shops and yard sales so my collection is very tiny. But I did find a couple of bags of assorted vintage buttons at a thrift shop on Saturday and paid $4 for them.
I apologize again for the rotten pictures. My camera is on its’ last legs and nothing I do seems to produce good pictures anymore. 😦
The standard buttons:

The shank buttons:

And some unusual, maybe valuable ones:

I have never seen a button like the black one in person before. I’ve seen plenty online and I don’t know what they’re called but after 20 years of sewing and shopping thrift and yard sales it’s the first I’ve actually seen. The silver buttons are very old. They are stamped with the Seal of Oklahoma and 1907. The backs have a center seam and loop shank. They were probably off of a state worker’s uniform(heavy blue thread is still attached to one button) and probably not as old as 1907 since that was just the year Oklahoma was incorporated as a state. They are old though!


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