Terry Swiffer Covers


I made these quickly in two styles so I could decide which style worked best. I’m thinking that my original pattern, which I modified for #1 works best because it stays on the swiffer very well while I mop but it’s a pain to put on. The top pieces should be a stretch material, not cotton like in this sample, to make attaching the cover faster for mopping.

And #2. The pad shifts about a little bit while mopping.

I used an old towel for these.

I have a tutorial for a fleece Swiffer cover on this blog if anyone is looking for one. Fleece is fantastic for grabbing all those dust bunnies.

~Update: You can now find the tutorial for Terry covers here.~


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  1. Hi ! I love the idea !! I’m trying to tackle sewing (get over my fear of the machine) and wondered if you’d post the pattern. It’s listed as a pattern but I don’t see any measurements and instructions to help the clueless new to sewing crowd (a.k.a. me) .. please consider posting ! I saw that you had posted instructions for the fleece dry one but not this one-for the one with elastic and the one without that doesn’t shift as much as the elastic one.

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