More pads


I’m in the process of cutting up a pair of flannel pj’s to make more feminine articles. The bottoms are completely cut up and made into 7 light, 4-layer pads and 2 medium, 6-layer pads.
I used a quick process I read on another blog. You sew 2 outer wing pieces completely together right sides facing and two long ovals together completely right sides facing. Then you carefully put a small slit in the the back of one side of each piece and turn the pieces right side out. Then face together the split sides and topstitch the oval pad onto the wing pad.
The blog gave a free pattern too which had wings that were way too huge for me. So I made a custom pattern but kept the process.

I did learn that when using this process with this type of wing, that you should clip the right angles where the wing meets the body before turning right side out. The larger pad in the pic is scrunched around that area because it’s not clipped.


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