The T-Shirt Quilt is Finished!


This took much longer than I anticipated. I was hoping to do all but the tying by machine but I found that basting the edges and sewing the binding had to be done by hand. There was just too much bunching in my machine.
So what should have been a one hour job turned into a five hour job. Plus a couple of hours to tie the quilt(it’s slow work when you have to repeatedly ask your kids to get off the quilt please!). Plus whatever hours I put into piecing and cutting blocks, maybe 10-12 hours?
So I’m estimating 20 hours total start to finish. And it only took me a few months, lol!
But I think it looks really nice and it’s super warm and cozy.

This quilt was made from about 15 old t-shirts(free), two white cotton sheets($1.60 thrift shop), 3 skiens of embroidery floss(free from another crafter), and a twin sized Warm and Natural batting($11). So total for this quilt was $12.60.


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