Pretty Little Pincushions


Finally got around to making something cute to replace my 15 year old hand-me-down pincushions. I just made them as simple as possible, out of felt, fabric scraps and a couple of buttons.


They’re sized to fit into the compartments of my sewing box. Wish I had thought of that when designing my needlebook. Oh well. Note the ugly old pincushions outside the box. ****((shudder))****


You can’t see it well in this picture but look in the bobbin compartment. I read on another blog about putting baby sized ponytail holders around your bobbins to keep them from unwinding and tangling all over. I had a bagillion of the hairbands since my daughter can’t stand anything in her hair. It works great! (Thanks Jean!)


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  1. You’re welcome! Your space looks very inviting now. Have you actually sat down and used it yet? I find if I don’t use mine every day it gets all cluttered.

    • Oh yes, it’s my new favorite spot in the house and it is being used very much! I’m making myself put everything away when I’m done for the day so it stays tidy. The space is so inviting I actually sat and did some paperwork there this morning as I watched some wild turkeys roam my yard at 6am.
      It will be a challenge to keep out things that don’t belong in my space but I have plans to make that less of an issue. We’re going to increase our storage by fixing up the attic so the sewing corner is no longer the dump. 🙂

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