More beautifying the sewing area!


I’ve spent a lot of time over the past year purging my craft and sewing supplies, organizing my tools and notions better, and dedicating a space to work in instead of hauling projects and my machines to and from the dining table.

I’ve succeeded in that part of my mission! I can actually work in the space and find everything I need. The next stage is ‘beautifying’. That’s what I’ve been focusing on this month.

On my list of things to do:

machine covers

shelving unit cover






covered/decorated cork-board

I’ve been sewing for about 20 years and if you can believe it, never made a pincushion. I use a hand-me-down tomato. I’ve also never used a needlebook or a threadcatcher but they are handy items to have!

I finished the needlebook and shelving unit cover earlier this month. You can see the unit cover in the pics below. It’s very….. red. And today I finished the machine covers!

Here’s a shot of what I was using: the cheapo cover that came with the serger and a t-shirt bag…


I used some of the most expensive fabric I’ve ever purchased($8 yd!!!). I wouldn’t have purchased it if I wasn’t using both a coupon and a gift card. But I digress. The lining and stabilizer layers were cut from a black duvet cover I got at the thrift store. The finished covers have a thick and stable shape.


They’re probably the wildest thing I have in my house. I’m really trying to challenge myself to live with prints and more intense colors.


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