Nifty Needlebook


I saw a cute organizer for sewing needles on Etsy and decided that it was something I really needed!
My needles have always been loose in a compartment in my sewing box. It is such a pain to find a needle the right size for a project.
Of course I wasn’t about to pay $18 for one when I had the materials to make one and the option of coordinating it to match my other sewing accessories.
Using felt, embroidery floss, eyelets and an eyelet punch, lace, vintage ribbon and rick-rack , salvaged ribbon bits, a purse ring, and some vintage buttons I made this:
Here’s ‘page 2’:
Page 3:
Page 4:
And page 5 with its’ thimble pocket:

I have got to start taking pictures outside. The red in real life is a true crayon red, not fluorescent as it seems to appear on screen.

I used a drinking glass for my circle shapes just in case you wanted to make one yourself. 🙂

The purse ring will allow me to quickly attach a pair of scissors to the needlebook or to attach the needlebook to a work-bag.

Now I just have to dig out all my needles and sort them!


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  1. I saw one of these online somewhere too thinking I should make one. I love the purse ring idea. I have a spare snap hook that would allow me to hook one to an apron. You have sparked my imagination, thank you.

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