Disc Golf Accessessories Part 1


Now that hubby and I each have our bags and used them I’ve discovered that we need a few accessessories to enhance our game. Disc place markers, clip on towels and strap pads are needed.

Today I made the place markers.

I made hubby’s from an inner ‘beanbag’ that was filled with recycled plastic beads, an outer bag from leftover bandanna fabric and because hubby wanted a stiff feel to the marker I also inserted two circles I’d cut out of old drink mix canister lids. You can see those materials and the finished marker in this horrible lighted picture:


I made mine as just a simple bead filled ‘beanbag’.


They’re about 4 inches across, completely washable and not so awesome that I’m afraid of losing them on the course.

FYI, these markers are used to mark your throwing point from wherever your disc lands. You would place this marker immediately in front of your disc location and then pick up and bag your disc. This way if you throw another disc and walk off you’ve only left the marker behind and not a disc which I’ve done about 4 times now. Of course you’re supposed to pick up your marker but if you forget then you’ll just have lost a beanbag and not a $9 disc(or a $4 mini disc that you can buy for a marker).


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