2 Bandannas


Yesterday I spent about 4 hours trying to make a project work only to be completely frustrated. So today I needed an easy project to give me a mental boost. I needed a win.
Seemed like the perfect time to make some bandannas for my hubby from some fabric we bought in Lancaster last month.
I cut my 22 inch squares and pressed a super narrow double fold hem all around and prepared to sew.
But my machine decided to rebel by creating masses of loops on the under side of my fabric. *sigh*
I replaced my needle, rewound the bobbin, adjusted the stitch length and tension and then warmed up the machine by sewing scrap fabric for 3 minutes. All better!
So after fiddling for 10 minutes with the machine and another 5 picking out the loopy stitches on a bandanna I was able to actually sew.
And the bandannas themselves were finished in less than 5 minutes. 😀 Yey! I win!



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