More Window Quilts


I found a great, quilted, orange King sized bedspread in the thrift store for $3 and hacked it up for 3 window quilts.  Bedspreads are a great time-saver if you can find them! Fleece blankets are another quick window ‘quilt’ option, btw. My windows are deep and the heating registers are below every window so I size my window quilts to fit right against the glass. I just hemmed these by hand all around(which I could have done on machine but it’s therapeutic for me to hand sew every once and awhile)with a casing at the top for a tension rod.


7 more window quilts left to make!


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  1. Hi, I am surfing your site.
    Should these be larger than the window and tacked ,velcroed or something to act as a barrier to drafts? LOVE idea and have done this with a bolt of winter jacket material already quilted.

    • That all depends on your windows, draft levels, closest heat vents and weight of the finished quilt. In my case, I had deep sill windows with heat vents directly under each one. So I made heavyweight quilts(they never moved with any draft and insulated the window)that fit just inside the frame with just a little lip of bonus fabric edging to make it fit tightly. I did not need to tack them anywhere because of the heavy weight. But these are all considerations when planning your own quilts and yours may very well do better to be tacked down. HTH!

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